Romanstone Hardscapes has the Retaining Wall Block you need!

From small accent walls, to garden walls, to raised planter beds, to large walls maybe holding up one side of your yard or your pool, or even a full-on outdoor living area with seat walls and fire pits. Whatever your need is, Romanstone Hardscapes has the material. We produce the most trusted wall brands in the country: Versa Lok Retaining Walls, Keystone Retaining Walls, Rosetta Hardscapes and Romanstone wall products such as Brutus, Caesar, and Apollo. Visit one of our certified Exteriorscape dealers today to select your Romanstone Hardscape walls (or pavers). 

So you think you might be needing a retaining wall?

You’ll need to start by asking yourself a few questions… Do you have a yard that slops off and might not be usable? Or possibly your yard is eroding because of poor drainage? Or do you want to build a pool and need a wall to hold up one side of the pool because of your sloping yard? There are many reasons, big to small, of why you might need a retaining wall or it might be as simple as wanting a small accent wall to help decorate and landscape your front yard. Romanstone Hardscapes has many different types of wall blocks from small to large for accent to large functional walls. Read our next blog for all the various brands of blocks we manufacture. 

What exactly is a Retaining Wall?

You might know retaining walls as the old, wooden, ‘tie’ walls made from old railroad ties. These walls are not only outdated but they are unsafe because of how they were soaked in a material to help prevent the wood from rotting. Although this may seem helpful, it has been determined that this chemical is not healthy to us and is also hard to dispose of. Retaining walls have come a long way and ‘SRW’ or ‘Segmental Retaining Walls’ have become the standard. The wall actually flexes and moves with the saturation and desaturation of the soil meaning that, when engineered correctly the wall will not fail or fall. Do you need a Retaining Wall? Read our next blog to find out!

Not a Do-It-Yourselfer - let us introduce you to a contractor!

So the whole DIY craze isn’t for you? Not a problem, we have relationships with some of the best contractors in the area. All you need is an idea and we can introduce you to local, creditable contractors that will help you get your project rolling. And if you don’t have an idea, well our showrooms is the right place to start! Drop in one of our Certified Exteriorscape dealer yards and we will assist you on your selection process. 

How to figure out your outdoor patio idea?

When it comes to figuring out your patio, it’s our specialty! All you need is your length, and width, as well as any features you would like in your new patio. If there are curves measure the whole area in square then bring one of our professional counter sales representatives a basic sketch and measurements. We can also help you with all the materials needed from start to finish! Visit one of our certified Exteriorscape dealer yards today to get your project started. 

Interlocking Concrete Pavers?

You may have heard concrete pavers be called this, which is because they truly lock together creating a very strong concrete driveway or patio that does NOT crack and is flexible from freeze thaw. Now technically this refers to the classic ‘brick’ size paver or smaller sized pavers, the new trend is larger slab like pavers. These are strong, very strong, and still allow flexibility from freeze thaw but technically aren’t interlocking by definition. However any paver is a better option than getting a poured in place or stamped concrete; with concrete it is just a matter of time when it cracks, not if, but when!

What kind of patio do you have?

Most likely you have a poured in place, basic concrete patio. Odds are there are cracks in it, weeds growing through the cracks, and it’s dirty from staining… Well maybe it’s time for a paver patio to enhance your backyard. Take a look at some of the photos for a visual aid of what exactly a paver patio is. Romanstone Hardscapes has numerous paver shapes, sizes, and colors for you to choose from. Visit one of our certified Exteriorscape dealer yards today to get your project started! 

What is an outdoor living space and why do I need one?

This day and age it’s all about living outdoors and soaking up beautiful weather in your outdoor living space! The ideas are limitless to the things you can build in your backyard oasis from fire pits and fireplaces, to waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, ponds, pergolas, and even raised or lowered patios to provide different perspectives. When complimented with softness and color from plants, trees, and mulches you will feel at peace in your outdoor living space. Not to mention adding a living space like this not only betters your quality of life but increases your home value! These areas make for excellent entertaining spaces and will most likely make your neighbors jealous! So contact your local Exteriorscape dealer today to help you start designing your outdoor living space and start enjoying a different part of your home. Click here to find a dealer near you!