A new addition!

Thinking about building your ‘Fremont Fireplace’? Or are you a DIY type of person? Everyone is different! Either way, the result will be a beautiful fireplace in your backyard. This kit is designed for everyone, from the ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of person to the professional contractor. We have step-by-step instructions to walk you through the entire process. Visit your local certified Exteriorscape dealer today to check out a Fremont Fireplace!

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Fireplace season is upon us!

When I say fireplace season you probably think I’m talking about the one inside your home, but what about a fireplace outdoors? Imagine a fireplace set at the edge of your patio creating a focal point in your backyard where you and your family can hangout on evenings, roasting marshmallows, and just being outdoors! Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more and more popular just like outdoor living, having an outdoor kitchen, etc... Not only is the fireplace a beautiful and functional element, it will also help to increase property value.

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Fremont Fireplace

Building an outdoor fireplace? Sounds like a daunting task, but not with our Romanstone Hardscapes – Fremont Fireplace. Our ‘Fremont Fireplace’ kit is packaged ready to build; all pieces have been cut, fire brick included, adhesive to bond the blocks together, and step-by-step instructions if you choose to build it yourself. Currently available in Bethany Ledge blend, Timberwood blend, and now featuring our Charcoal blend. Stop by one of our ‘Fremont Fireplace’ displays today to visualize one in your backyard! 

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Trends in Hardscapes

We’re starting to see people skip over a fire pit kit and going right to installing an outdoor fireplace, but the question is why? Fire pits may not be a new feature to outdoor landscapes, but they still are neat. We are seeing homeowners designing their outdoor landscapes with more and more fireplaces in their projects. However, not all projects have the right size or placement for a fireplace. When designing your outdoor project ask yourself; is my project big enough for a fireplace or should I go with a traditional fire pit kit?

Euro block and 'Build with Romanstone'

We’ve told you how diverse the Euro block is and how you can create seat walls for your patio, columns to compliment the seat walls, and even fire pits. But what if we told you that we have taken the system a step further and designed a step-by-step fireplace that can be built in a single day with a few friends to help. The Fremont Fireplace is packaged as a kit with all cuts and every piece you need to complete the fireplace. Once a foundation is made for the fireplace to be built on the process is as easy as building with legos! Our step-by-step instructions take any and all guess work out of the install. Check out our Fremont Fireplace Kit on display at one of the many certified Exteriorscape material yards.

A block designed to do everything!

The Euro block is such a diverse and versatile building unit when it comes to outdoor living areas and patios. In most designs the block doesn’t even need to be cut, but if it does at only 4” thick it makes for a quick and easy cut. The Euro block has so many uses and the design possibilities are endless. For some inspiration check out some of the pictures below for examples of what you can create using the Euro block! 

Build with Euro block!

What is Euro block you may ask? Euro block is a concrete modular block, each measuring 4”x8”x12”. Euro block is ‘tumbled’, giving this unit an older, antique looking finish. When this finish is applied it gives the block the look of natural cut stone, but with consistent heights making the construction process very easy. The Euro block can be used to build anything from seat walls, to fire pits, to columns, to outdoor kitchens, to even fireplaces! Euro block comes in 4 popular colors: Timberwood Blend, Bethany Ledge Blend, Sandstone Blend, and Charcoal Blend. These colors all match our concrete pavers and retaining wall blocks. Ask to see the 4 Euro block colors at your local Exteriorscape dealer today. !

Add Value To Your Property

Don’t have an outdoor living area or patio but want a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace? Well, what a good starting place because the fire element can be your focal point of your whole project. Design your outdoor living area around a fireplace and be the envy of your neighbors and friends. Not only are you adding a super ‘WOW’ factor to your backyard but your adding value to your entire property. Take a look at the photos on this month’s blog posts for inspiration of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Visit one of our showrooms today to touch and feel a display model! Click here to find a dealer near you.