Romanstone Interlocking Concrete Pavers.

Our selection of concrete pavers will allow you to match, contrast, or compliment any element of your outdoor area from siding, to trim, to your deck color, or to existing hardscape features. From our classic Holland Stone, to our 4 piece Ledge Rock system, to our larger slab paver Chatham, we have all the sizes, colors, and finishes you will need to make your dream patio come alive! Drop into one of our showrooms to start planning your new outdoor living area.

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Preparation is key.

Planning any backyard project using hardscapes products, such as retaining walls or concrete pavers, can be a lot of work. This is why you need our greatly trained staff who can walk you through every step. They can even introduce you to a professional contractor who can handle every aspect of your project. Things to consider prior to breaking ground would be existing utilities running through your yard, irrigation systems, or any other under the ground items that need to be identified before digging. Other things to consider would be a water supply for a fountain if you choose to have one or perhaps a gas line if you want to upgrade your fireplace/fire pit to a gas burning unit. Stop by one of our showrooms today and we’ll help you get started!

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Make your dreams a reality!

Romanstone Hardscapes has an extensive amount of various material options for anything from your paver patio, to retaining walls, to fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor living kits, etc… Do you want more of a modern look? Or, perhaps something like a natural stone but much easier to work with? Whatever your interests are we have a solution that will make your outdoor living area the talk of the neighborhood. Visit one of our showrooms today so we can help you make those selections!

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It's February, why start planning now?

Depending on the size of your dream patio it could take some planning. There are quite a few things to take into consideration prior to the start of your project. What size patio, raised or sunken patio, what size of concrete paver, what color of paver, will you have a fire or water feature, do you want an outdoor cooking area? These are all decisions you will have to make. There are lots of features you can add, so take a look at some of these photos to get some inspiration for the type of project you’d like to start this year. Write those ideas down and bring them into one of our showrooms today to have our professional staff assist you in making those ideas come to life!

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Covering a brick fireplace.

Do you have an old brick fireplace that you’re tired of or feel that the brick is outdated and doesn’t match the décor of your home? Well Cultured Stone & Eldorado stone is your solution to upgrading that old fireplace brick, or backsplash, or even a full accent wall. And if you aren’t the Do-It-Yourself kind of person then we can help supply you with some experienced masons here in the St. Louis area that will get the job done. Start your project today by visiting one of our Exteriorscape showrooms!

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Why Eldorado Stone?

Known as the Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World.

For over 40 years, Eldorado Stone has demonstrated an undeniable passion for creating authentic products that not only elevate quality and design, but also attainability. Believability is at the very core of our company philosophy. When you set your eyes on Eldorado Stone, it looks authentic, natural and most of all, beautiful. Eldorado’s colors are unsurpassed in the industry. Each stone and brick is literally hand painted piece-by-piece by highly-trained Eldorado artisans. We use only the highest quality natural mineral oxides to infuse the surface with rich, authentic tones. When you take a closer look at Eldorado Stone you will see the unmatched depth and variation of colors; hints of rust, mossy greens, russet browns and golden umbers. Texture, color, selection, and support; Eldorado Stone offers first class products along with detailed support for your project.

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Why Cultured Stone?

Not only did Cultured Stone as a brand spark an entire industry of products but they remain as one of the most trusted and respected brands in the manufactured stone business. The quality is second to none and they continue to be innovative in their product offerings in the various profiles with a wide range of colors. They created a manufactured, stone veneer that not only mimics the look of real stone, but actually improves upon it with a more consistent color, quality, and weight. Think of the Cultured Stone brand when you’re thinking about a manufactured stone for interior design elements, such as fireplaces and kitchen back splashes, or exterior accents. You can expect the finest quality from the company that has led the industry in innovation for more than 50 years.

Winter Time? Time to upgrade the interior of your home!

So its winter time, you’re looking out the window dreaming of a warm, sunny Spring/Summer day and maybe getting a little stir crazy? Well this is the perfect time to start thinking about bringing stone inside the house. From real, natural stone to manufactured stone, we offer all kinds of options for your accent wall! Manufactured stone such as ‘Cultured Stone’ and ‘Eldorado Stone’ are the most trusted and recognized name in the business. Start by visiting either one of their websites or one of our showrooms to get started on your project today!

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Check out some before and after photos below for some indoor inspiration!