Glen Gery – StoneFit

StoneFit is a new type of manufactured thin veneer stone system that uses patented interlocking panels to create a stone ‘siding’. StoneFit offers unique exclusive features including DryFit Technology - a tongue and groove which interlocks each stone piece together without the use of mortar, a utility piece - which ensures pattern variability, ease of installation and reduces waste, single corner units that interlock with flat units and custom engineered starter angle that incorporates both the weep screed and flashing details and interlocks with the stone panels. The full corner units are the first in the industry with this new type of stone system, no one else has the full corner units. 

Cultured Stone & Eldorado Stone

Cultured Stone & Eldorado Stone are manufactured thin veneer stone that mimics natural stone's color and texture. Compared to natural stone, Cultured & Eldorado stone are a more affordable option and since it’s a ‘thin veneer’ as opposed to a full bed depth, or thicker natural stone, it can be installed over the top of an existing brick or stone. The options of textures and colors that are offered are endless; even blending two colors or profiles can be done to create a unique and personalized look.

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What is Manufactured Thin Veneer Stone?

A manufactured thin veneer stone is exactly what the name says; it is a man-made stone created to mimic natural stone that can be applied with mortar. What are the benefits to using a manufactured stone over a natural stone? Manufactured stone can be easily matched for add-on projects and offers a much larger variety of color schemes. Not to mention various profiles that might not be available in your region of the country. And the last benefit is the price; it is cheaper than natural stone which allows you to stretch you budget. 

The Perfect Backyard Addition

Thinking about building your ‘Fremont Fireplace’? Or are you a DIY type of person? Everyone is different! Either way the result will be a beautiful fireplace in your backyard. This kit is designed for everyone, from the ‘do-it-yourself’ kind of person to the professional contractor. We have step-by-step instructions to walk you through the entire process.  Visit our ‘Build with Roman’ website that shows the fireplace kit as well as other kits we offer. You can also find plenty of step by step plans here as well that will help you to build many other items!

Fremont Fireplace

Building an outdoor fireplace? Sounds like a daunting task, but not with our Romanstone Hardscapes – Fremont Fireplace. Our ‘Fremont Fireplace’ kit is packaged ready to build; all pieces have been cut, fire brick included, adhesive to bond the blocks together, and it comes with step-by-step instructions (if you chose to build it yourself). Currently available in Bethany Ledge and Timberwood blend, and a Charcoal blend coming in 2018. Stop by one of our ‘Fremont Fireplace’ displays today to visualize one in your backyard!  

Fireplace Season is Upon Us!

When I say fireplace season you probably think that I am talking about the one inside your home, but what about a fireplace outdoors? Imagine a fireplace set at the edge of your patio creating a focal point in your backyard, that you and your family can enjoy on evenings, roasting marshmallows and being outdoors! Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, just like outdoor living, having an outdoor kitchen, etc... Not only is a fireplace a beautiful and functional element, it will help increase property value. Visit one of our certified Exteriorscape dealers today and come see our ‘Fremont Fireplace’ kit!

Euro Block Kits!

We have made it easy for you to use and get inspired by the Euro block by providing pre-designed plans to help you from start to finish but we took it a step further and created actual prepacked kits. These kits have all the materials needed from plans, the Euro block, we even pre-cut the units for you! Currently our Euro block kits are available in 2 colors: our Bethany Ledge blend and Timberwood Blend. We have created a table for your outdoor gathering needs. Unlike the ones you get at the box stores ours won't rot, rust, or fall apart over the seasons. We have also designed a bar for your outdoor entertaining needs. The last kit we designed is a Fireplace, this thing is awesome and will be the talk of the neighborhood! Visit one of our showrooms today to check out the Euro block kits.

Euro Block and ‘Build with Romanstone’

We’ve told you how diverse the block is and how you can create seat walls for you patio, columns to compliment the seat walls, and even fire pits. Now, what if we told you that we have taken the system a step further and created pre-designed plans to make using the Euro block a simple task for you or your contractor. Check out our ‘Build with Romanstone’ website for inspiration using the Euro block.