Build with Euro Block!

What is Euro block you may ask? Euro block is a concrete modular block, each measuring 4”x8”x12” that is ‘tumbled’. This gives it an older, antiqued finish. When this finish is applied it gives the block the look of natural cut stone but with consistent heights making the construction process very easy. The Euro block can be used to build anything from seat walls, to fire pits, to columns, to even fireplaces! Ask to see the 4 Euro block colors at your local Exteriorscape dealer today.

Take it to the next level!

Already have a nice patio setup but thinking it’s missing something? Do you like to be outside most of the year but can’t beat the colder months… well it’s a great time to start planning your fire pit or fireplace. Planning ahead will make sure that it’ll be ready to use when those fall months come creeping up. Worried about the rules your city might have for fire pits and fireplaces? No problem! Call your city office and ask about the guidelines you need to follow because it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We are here to help with your planning, so give one of our showrooms a call today to get started with your project! Click here to find a dealer near you. 

Adding Value To Your Home

Do you not have an outdoor living area or patio but want a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace? Well what a good starting place because the fire element can be your focal point of your whole project. Design your outdoor living area around a fireplace and be the envy of your neighbors and friends. Not only are you adding a super ‘WOW’ factor to your backyard but your adding value to your entire property. Take a look at the photos on this month’s blog posts for inspiration on outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Visit one of our showrooms today to touch and feel a display model!

The Perfect Fall Fireplace

Do you want a fire pit for those cooler Fall evenings that you can enjoy cooking some s'mores on? Well, you came to the right place. Not only can we provide you with lots of options in various finishes, colors, and looks, but we can also set you up with a contractor who can install it for you. Or, if you’re a DIY type of person we can guide you to make sure your project comes out flawlessly. Drop by one of our certified Exteriorscape dealers today to get started on your project. Click here to find a dealer near you! 

Start Planning Now!

Its August, it’s hot. You might be getting in a last minute vacation or getting the kids ready to go back to school. But what you aren’t probably doing is thinking about a fire pit or a fireplace?! Why would you – its August! But this is the PERFECT time to start planning your fire pit or fireplace because by the time Fall is here you’ll be wishing you did. We have various options for you to add that fire element to your outdoor living area! Be sure to ask one of our certified dealers to see the Rosetta Belvedere fire pit or the Fremont Fireplace kit!

The grand outdoor cooking area: the outdoor kitchen.

We discussed all of the various options and features you can add to your outdoor kitchen, but there’s really no limit. If you run a gas line to your kitchen, think about maybe having a fire feature that comes out of your counter top or incorporate a fire pit into the setup. How about a roof over your cooking area so you can utilize it in all weather conditions; or do a pergola over head to allow some sun coverage but allow some sun as well. The options are endless, start planning your project today and come visit one of our showrooms so we can help you select the right material!

Outdoor Kitchen Done Simple

In the last blog we talked about the various planning details that need to be considered when planning your outdoor kitchen. We talked about plumbing, water, gas, and electric. Despite these details your outdoor kitchen can be done very simple yet still have lots of function. Also, without those amenities it opens up your options for placement of your kitchen. The blocks that build the housing around the grill can be a combination of blocks, or just one type. They can be built around your grilling unit or be built to allow the grill to be placed on top of the blocks. Determine what you kind of grilling unit you want to feature, then plan and build around it!