What is an outdoor living space and why do I need one?

This day and age it’s all about living outdoors and soaking up beautiful weather in your outdoor living space! The ideas are limitless to the things you can build in your backyard oasis from fire pits and fireplaces, to waterfalls, outdoor kitchens, ponds, pergolas, and even raised or lowered patios to provide different perspectives. When complimented with softness and color from plants, trees, and mulches you will feel at peace in your outdoor living space. Not to mention adding a living space like this not only betters your quality of life but increases your home value! These areas make for excellent entertaining spaces and will most likely make your neighbors jealous! So contact your local Exteriorscape dealer today to help you start designing your outdoor living space and start enjoying a different part of your home. Click here to find a dealer near you!

Mulch or decorative rock?

A few things to consider when making a selection between a hardwood mulch, dyed mulch, rubber mulch, or decorative rocks: When buying mulch you should add a little extra to the amount for settling. With mulch being basically sticks, there can sometimes be voids when spreading which could settle over time, so buy a little extra to compensate. Do you have bulbs or plan to plant bulbs in the future? If so you may want to consider mulch as the plants can grow through the mulch with minimal restriction. However if you chose to go with a decorative rock you should select a smaller size to help reduce restriction for the bulb to push through. No matter what a product you select we can help you chose the right product, color, and we even deliver to your house for you!

Fireplaces; Keep Warm While Outside!

Still pretty cool outside in the evenings; don’t you wish you had a fire pit to enjoy until it warms up? Or you bought one of those metals ones from the box store that rusted and fell apart within a year. Even thought about a strong, concrete fire pit kit? Ours even come with steel liners to protect the block from heat. You can pick yours up today at your local Certified Exteriorscape dealer (click here to find a dealer near you) and have it installed by the weekend.

Is it Spring yet?

Luckily for you winter is still hanging on, so you still have time to plan your big Spring, backyard project! Yes the weather has been less than fair here in the Midwest, but if you are behind in planning for your outdoor living space then you’re in luck. Planning an outdoor project can be difficult, especially if you are in a time constraint. But we are here to help you make sure you select the best materials, pick the perfect colors, and even introduce you to some of the area’s best contractors. Visit one of our showrooms today and let a Certified Exteriorscape dealer help you on your project!

What's The First Step?

Do you want to fertilize the yard for Spring growth, lay mulch down or replace mulch with rock this year? Or maybe you are in need of a retaining wall or raised planter bed to show off your green thumb? Whatever your needs are we can help guide you in the right direction with your landscape projects. Visit one of our showrooms today to get started! 

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Mulch or Decorative Rock?

What are you needing this spring? Mulch or rock? We have both! We can deliver to your house whatever amount of material you need for your project, as well as help you determine how much material you’ll actually need. Need an edger for that mulch or rock bed; we have a large variety of edger’s from concrete edger’s, to metal, to natural stone. Your local, certified Exteriorscape dealer has everything to fulfill all of your landscape need. Stop by today! 

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Time to Work!

The weather is warming up, bulbs are starting to reach out of the ground, and you're realizing there is still a lot of work to be done in your yard. Things such as that new planter bed or replacing that old wood tie wall… Well you have come to the right place! Our Certified Exteriorscape Dealer yards are your number one resource in the St. Louis metropolitan area for Romanstone Hardscape products; Retaining wall and concrete paver brand names like Versa Lok retaining walls, Keystone Hardscapes, Rosetta Hardscapes, Romanstone interlocking concrete pavers, etc! Visit one of our showrooms today to touch and feel our quality products!

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Winter seems to be fading and that means Spring is on the way!

Here in St. Louis / The Midwest our weather can change in just a few hours. We have had warm weather that has gotten all of us excited about the upcoming weather. You might even have plants budding and bulbs sprouting up, so you know what this means right? Prep time for the yard! What kind of needs does your yard have? Do you need a raised planter bed for all of those pretty flowers you plan to plant? Or perhaps you need a paver patio to relax on while you enjoy looking at those flowers you worked hard to plant? Whatever your needs may be, from mulch to decorative rock to paver patios to retaining walls, our certified Exteriorscape dealers are here to service you. Visit one of our showrooms today to help get your projects going!

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