How to Install the Madera Stone Fire Pit Kit

The Madera Fire Pit kit is an easy install for either the homeowner or the contractor! Each kit comes complete with the proper amount of block to build either a round or square fit pit as well as the proper metal insert and a tube of adhesive to adhere the blocks together.

The first step is determine where you would like to install your new fire pit: we recommend not placing yours on top of an existing patio unless you place either fire brick or some kind of rock such as lava rock to protect your existing surface. The heat from the fire will deteriorate the surface over time. If building a new patio place material on a level, compacted base such as ¾ minus and then put your pavers around, up to the edge of the blocks. 

Once your base is ready start by building your first course of block. Please reference below photo for proper orientation of blocks. The square fire pit will include 35 full blocks and 26 half blocks. The round fire pit will include 29 full blocks and 20 half blocks. Both will come with the proper metal insert and one tube of adhesive.

Once installed let glue setup and you’re ready for your first fire! It is recommended to enjoy your newly built fire pit with friends and family with either a cold one, glass of wine, and/or some s’mores! Enjoy!