Top Selling Romanstone Pavers

Amongst the various paver profiles that are offered in the Romanstone paver line the top 3 profiles are: ‘Ledge Rock’ – a 4 piece tumbled paver system providing design flexibility by using either 1 of the sizes, 2, 3, or all 4 featuring various paver patterns. The options are endless when using the ‘Ledge Rock’ paver system from mixing sizes to even mixing colors and then providing a contrasting border that we know as a ‘solider course’. This solider course can be made from any unit in the ‘Ledge Rock’ line but mostly made from our ‘Holland Stone’ which is a standard 4”x8” paver that provides a strong border to frame the beautiful ‘Ledge Rock’ line. The second most popular paver is from the same 4 piece system but is what we call ‘untumbled’ or ‘Pre-Ledge’ from the ‘classic’ paver line series. This product features strong, clean lines and edges providing a more contemporary look. This line has been known to provide a more high-end look to patios, walk ways, even driveways. Just like the ‘Ledge Rock’ system it is recommended to be border with a ‘solider course’ as well however is not necessary. It’s all up to your imagination! The third most popular paver profile is the ‘Holland Stone’ paver. This 4”x8” paver is a staple in the hardscape world. Not only does it make a great border but can make an exceptionally beautiful patio or driveway. This style is timeless as the 4x8 paver has been around for ages – available in either our ‘century’ (tumbled/weathered) or our ‘classic’ series the ‘Holland Stone’ will sure to please everyone.