Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You are not alone; we are here to help you! When you visit your local Exteriorscape dealer, you can rest assured that our professional and knowledge sales staff is not only going to guide you in your design and color selection process but also assist you in selecting an installer who knows the best way to install a retaining wall. We all know that one person that “can do anything.” However, when it comes to a retaining wall, it’s essential that the installation should be done following exact engineering guidelines. If you choose to go with that handyman or jack of all trades be aware that he/she may or may not be installing the wall correctly, which could result in wall failure down the line, costing you double the initial investment. When using a Romanstone Hardscapes product you have peace of mind knowing that we have all of our retaining wall systems registered with St. Louis County. So when it comes time to pull a permit, (which is highly recommended,) you know that you’re in good hands and have access to correctly engineered plans for basic retaining wall guidelines. However, based on some site conditions such as soils and other factors, you may need to hire an engineer to construct a specific plan for your wall to be installed properly.