Hiring a Contractor or DIY – Why?

You are now educated on the two highest quality brands of stone in the industry. You have determined that you’re doing an accent wall and some columns in your basement living area and you even know what color and profile you are going to use… now what? In 2017, there is a lot of talk about ‘DIY’ meaning ‘Do It Yourself,’ but is this really the type of project you should take on yourself? Depending on your skills, this could be a feasible option, and if it is our two best lines, (Cultured Stone and Eldorado Stone) they have a lot of information on their websites to educate you on the proper installation methods. http://www.eldoradostone.com/ www.culturedstone.com/

But if you decide that this isn’t the type of project you want to take on, we are here to help! Our salesmen have a network of quality contractors who are skilled in this trade and will make sure that your project exceeds your expectations. Visit one of our showrooms today to get your project started!