Maintaining your paver patio or driveway.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘maintenance-free’? As appealing as it sounds there is nothing that is maintenance free; not the new composite decking, not poured in place concrete nor stamped, not even pavers. The reality is that overtime products can get dirty, grow mold or biological growth on them and will need to be cleaned in time if you want to maintain the beauty of the product, whatever product that may be. Even concrete needs to be power washed overtime. We sell sealers for your patios to help preserve the colors and help prevent staining from leaves, traffic, etc… but in time that coating will wear down and will need to be reapplied. Now don’t get scared and think that this is something you have to do each year as it will be many years before your patio will need attention again. It is just good to know that you may want to do some cleaning years down the road. Ask our knowledgeable sales reps about our ‘Gator’ brand of cleaners and sealers to preserve your patio.