Thinking about a paver patio or driveway?

Well then you’re at the right place! A paver patio or driveway is a great investment for your home as compared to traditional pour in place concrete. The one sure thing about poured in place concrete is that it will crack. It is not a matter of if it will crack, but a matter of when it will crack. Segmental, interlocking pavers are designed to ‘flex’ or adjust to the ground swelling or drying out thus causing the ground to move. Another added feature of segmental pavers is the opportunity to extract a damaged or stained paver and replace with a new one; you can’t do this with poured in place concrete pads. Not to mention when that pad cracks and you have a new one poured it will never match the existing concrete pads. Get over to one of our dealers and see our offering of Romanstone Pavers!