The Perfect Outdoor Add On

Have you been wanting a fire pit for those cooler fall evenings, somewhere where you can enjoy some smores on? Well, you came to the right place! Not only can we provide you with lots of options in various finishes, colors, and looks but we can also set you up with a contractor who can install it for you. Or, if you’re a DIY type of person we can guide you to make sure your project comes out flawlessly. Drop by one of our certified Exteriorscape dealers today to get started on your project. Click here to find a dealer near you! 

Planning Ahead

So it’s August and we have had a hot summer, so why would you be thinking about a fire pit for your back yard? It may be August, but this is the PERFECT time to start planning your fire pit or fireplace because by the time Fall is here you’ll be wishing you did. We have various options for you to add that fire element to your outdoor living area! Our fire pits are easy to install and can be used immediately after building. Be sure to ask one of our certified dealers to see the Rosetta Belvedere fire pit or the Fremont Fireplace kit! Click here to find a dealer near you. 

Summer Living and Grilling!

Grilling and chilling; it’s what summer is all about right? Well maybe this is the summer you install a beautiful paver patio and put an outdoor kitchen on that patio so you can be the host with the most. We can help with all parts of your planning process! We can help with determining whether or not you need plumbing and electric, or just a countertop to help with food preparation. Or, you can even add fire or water features to your new outdoor living area. We can even introduce you to some of the best contractors in our area. Visit one of our locations today to get your project started! Click here to find a dealer near you. 

What else can you add to your outdoor living area?

Nowadays you see more and more people taking indoor living outdoors. Outdoor living areas with TV’s, fireplaces, kitchen, couches, bars, etc… the options are endless! Maybe you need an overhead structure with some fans to help move the air around on those hot summer nights. Or,  you may want a fireplace next to your grilling area. Well, we can help! Visit one of our showrooms today and we will help get your project started. Click here to find a dealer near you! 

Outdoor Kitchens

So it's summer, things are heating up and you’re a die hard griller. You want to keep grilling and smoking meat outside, but standing over your Weber in the sun is getting old. Or, you have a covered grill area but you just want to add to your outdoor area? Well, it’s time to start planning your outdoor kitchen! Your new outdoor cooking area can hosts all your Spring, Summer, and Fall BBQ’s, making your backyard the place to be. Come on in to one of our showrooms and let us help you start selecting materials and colors today! Click here to find a dealer near you! 

How to install a Retaining Wall?

If you’re a DIY type of person we can help guide you in your journey of installing your retaining wall. Some of the units can be very heavy, and you’ll need some excavating done in your if that sounds like a task you would rather hire someone to do, we can introduce you to some of the most trusted contractors in the area. Come take a look at one of our many displays around the St. Louis area. Visit one of our certified Exteriorscape dealers today to get started on your retaining wall project! Click here to find a dealer near you! 

Romanstone Hardscapes has the Retaining Wall Block you need!

From small accent walls, to garden walls, to raised planter beds, to large walls maybe holding up one side of your yard or your pool, or even a full-on outdoor living area with seat walls and fire pits. Whatever your need is, Romanstone Hardscapes has the material. We produce the most trusted wall brands in the country: Versa Lok Retaining Walls, Keystone Retaining Walls, Rosetta Hardscapes and Romanstone wall products such as Brutus, Caesar, and Apollo. Visit one of our certified Exteriorscape dealers today to select your Romanstone Hardscape walls (or pavers). 

So you think you might be needing a retaining wall?

You’ll need to start by asking yourself a few questions… Do you have a yard that slops off and might not be usable? Or possibly your yard is eroding because of poor drainage? Or do you want to build a pool and need a wall to hold up one side of the pool because of your sloping yard? There are many reasons, big to small, of why you might need a retaining wall or it might be as simple as wanting a small accent wall to help decorate and landscape your front yard. Romanstone Hardscapes has many different types of wall blocks from small to large for accent to large functional walls. Read our next blog for all the various brands of blocks we manufacture.